A Fine "Soft" Spring Day Under My Umbrella :-)

I can't tell you how often it happens. I wake up and look at the online weather map and decide to run out for my walk before whatever precipitation heading toward us actually arrives. So it was on this day, and with the warmer weather and all of the melting, I just had to go back to the Scotia ponds!

The first pond, my favorite, is open water now, and finding it thus it filled me with unimaginable GLEE!!! I checked out several more ponds, and as it started to rain, the sound of the rain on water was like music to my ears. Sometimes I take the ear buds out just to listen to the rain. I took many abstracts of rain on water; a favorite contemplative activity, very peace-inducing.

I had my favorite pink umbrella with me, and I thought it might be fun to show you a sort of "self-portrait of the artist as a gal who nearly got a thorough soaking in the Barrens," except that the pink umbrella was there to save me! Yay!

Here is my soundtrack song: Joan Jett, with a CCR cover, Have You Ever Seen the Rain? I saw Joan Jett at the Sy Barash Regatta back in April of 1988, at Bald Eagle State Park. It was all fun and games until someone threw a bottle that hit Joan and the final band in the line-up was cancelled!

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