I was on " Luna Duty " this afternoon as Neil was at work and Rachael was spending time wirh her Mam and Dad who are over from Ireland.  Neil didn't start work till 12 noon so Luna had been out this morning with him for a long walk and playtime.  When I arrived at 1.30pm she was in her crate as usual and she wasn't bothered about coming out.  When she did come out she just went to sleep on her comfy big dog bed.  She did perk up a bit later and went in the garden for a bit and played with her toys.  I did feel rather redundant at times.  When it was time for me to go she went back in her crate without protesting and settled back to sleep.  I left around 3.40pm and a couple of Rachaels friends were due at 5pm to look after her for a few hours this evening.  I heard from Neil that she was more lively with them and enjoyed a fun time down by the river Tyne at Newburn.

When Neil finished work he met up with Rachael and her parents and they went to a pub to watch the rugby.  Im sure the " Irish contingent " were happy with the result. 

After leaving Neils I got the bus to the Metrocentre.  It was really busy.  Im used to going on weekdays when its quiet. 

TV this evening - caught up with Grantchester and watched Celebrity Mastermind and Ant and Dec... good to see local lad Sam Fender on the show.  He ended by playing Local Hero - my favourite song played at every Newcastle home game when the team come on to the pitch.

I was blipless this evening and as an Emergency Blip I decided to feature a Facebook post from Gateshead Council ( on the left ) - and the bill it refers to.

I saw the Facebook post a few days ago so when my Council Tax bill arrived I was ready to look out for errors. Silly spelling mistakes but nothing serious.  Proof reading obviously wasn't up to scratch. My favoutites are " Tyne and Wear Fire and wescue Authority "  and  " Direca Debia ".  Seems to be overkill to get all the bills reprinted and sent out again.  Whilst there will be no extra cost to the Council its going to be a terrible waste of paper.  All most folk are concerned with is how much their Council Tax has increased.

Steps today - 10,090

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