Marsupium Photography

By magi

Day 14: occupied

Day 14 of the UCU strike. Although I tested negative today I stayed at home. It is just too risky and unnecessary. Anyway, I had a busy morning writing to my MSPs about the industrial dispute. The Scottish Parliament cannot solve our problems but they can add some pressure on the universities to get back talking to us. I got some automated replies saying that they are getting huge amounts of emails. I am not surprised.

I did go for a walk to get some photos of the occupied Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre. It is great to have the students on our side. We would really struggle without their support. They do recognise that our working conditions are their learning conditions and their future. It does feel like we should be pulling out all stops.

I am really gutted that I can't go to tomorrow's climate strike (see extra) which is probably one of the most pressing issues. Although there cannot be any solution to the climate crises without social justice. They are interlinked. Also sad to miss the Funeral for Higher Education.

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