By Happyme

Interesting walk

I took myself off for a morning walk before the mundane task of online grocery shopping, which also involves a phone call to my MIL for her order. I just did a usual walk to the next village but there were a few new sights on the way. The horse which was in the field where there are usually donkeys, a pot bellied pig, chickens and some alpacas in the field a bit further along. The horse seemed very friendly as it trotted along the wall to a low spot to get closer. Unfortunately I'm not great with horses, in fact I'm a wimp, and couldn't bring myself to stroke it! I felt mean but I did stand and chat to it for a couple of minutes. The pig, I think there are actually two, and the alpacas belong to the people who have not long been there. They seem to be in quite small pens which have been recently erected. They also have some full size resin animals, sheep and pigs, so an interesting development in the village! It will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks for maybe further arrivals. 
I'm still trying to deal with the ongoing drama with mum and her shower. There are more men coming to look tomorrow! 

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