By AnneILM60


First thing, I went and got my second CoVid booster shot. It was announced on the evening news last night that it had been okayed and while the news was still on, I was on my computer scheduling my shot!

I then came home and took the cover off the sofa, removed the sofa cushions and did a thorough sofa clean. I then took the throw cushions two at a time and put them in the drier with a wet towel for 20 minutes and they have fluffed up back to life.

Then it was time to head outside. I weeded the garden that runs along the front of the house and weeded the circular garden in the back.

Because the snowdrops have truly finished all their blooming for the year, I cut them all back so that the other plants in the garden didn’t have to fight so sunlight anymore.

That was me pooped out for the day! Vegetated the rest of the afternoon/evening by binge watching nonsense on Netflix.

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