Yesterday afternoon, my orders came in a few days early. So, I got my tens machine, and my food dehydrator.
While I was researching the food dehydrator the prices were going up as I was looking. I chose one, and then found it had gone up by £30. So, I unchose it and looked again. There were 2 contenders, but the one I fancied, when I looked at the reviews they bore no relation to that particular product. I only knew because people had posted photos of it. So, I then chose one that had just popped up on offer, (it had good reviews on other sites as well). But OMG, the size of it. It looked quite small in the photo, but I now have a giant of a dehydrator...Okay, I should have got my ruler out to realise the dimensions, but my brain does not visualise metric, but it can visualise imperial measurements.

The tens machine came as well yesterday. I opened it up, and I had to check back on my order because it looked worth far more than I had paid for it. I only paid £18:99 for it, and I would have said it was worth £45 plus. I knew I needed an Apple device to run it, so I downloaded the app for it on my iPad. I was struggling for the next hour to get the device to talk to the app. Checked reviews, others had given up on it and sent it back. Nothing defeats me. Got it working. Then was the next mystery. Where to put it? Everything was as clear as mud. There was a whole pile of stuff on Chinese acupuncture, but that didn't exactly relate to the use and placement and program and strength for use of this tens machine. A bit of guesswork next. And it works and appears to be helping me, like I thought it might. There was no app for Android. So, I wondered if there was a generic app, to generally run tens machines. Found one. Very easy to get it to talk to my new tens machine, and it had better safety features. So, I am a happy bunny! I love this new tens machine.

gennepher's cat diner - very busy this morning. Shadow was waiting as usual on my swing for first dibs. Then for the next two hours has been the procession of the birds. Blackbirds, sparrows, bluetits, and Mr Magpie who is is making very frequent visits. And then Mr Heffalump (wood pigeon) is crash landing in the middle of this bird party. The suddenly I realised there was a new bird at the fatball feeders. My bird app for bird sounds had said this bird was in the near vicinity.but I had never seen it before. So googled to double check ID. Beautiful reds on it. It is a Male Great Spotted Woodpecker! Beautiful!

Who the heck wants to sit in a cold damp draughty bird hide with no facilities? I am in my warm bed, leccy blanket on, a cup of hot fresh coffee and one of tea, and the bathroom facilities just round the corner.

Shadow has just come back for her second breakfast, and Manky Ginger has just started the procession of the gingers....

Creative today. Another illustration done in Apple's Page for my life story for the grandchildren. This one is of Orlando the Marmalade Cat, which was my favourite book as a child.

More coffee and tea needed now, and the cat diner needs a refil...

Oops, busy out there, Manky Ginger has just caught a passing mouse...the cat diner is restocking itself...oh dear, the drama continues, another ginger cat has entered the scene, Ginger. Two gingers at once....

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