I really wanted to go out today, but where to go where I don't come in contact with anyone - ah I know The Levens Estuary at Old Park Wood on the Holker Estate.

It is so peaceful and beautiful there and I went for a good walk, although it was fairly muddy - I should have put my walking shoes on.

The only people I saw was one man with 4 dogs in the little car park, so I sat in the car until he'd gpne and he went in a completely different direction to where I wanted to go.  Then on my way back There was a group of older ladies from the West Midlands area.  They came down the path from Caravan site and I heard them long before I saw them.  I stayed well away from them - and that was it.

No exciting birdlife today, ducks, crows, terns and oyster catchers mostly. 

When I got back to the car I was worn out.  I'm obviously still not right as when I got home (luckily only a 10 minute drive) I just flaked out and felt awful.  So that's me scuppered until I feel well and truly well.  Hubby is no worse, just full of cold and G is a lot better.

I'm not feeling great now so will sit and relax for the evening.  I will catch up with you tomorrow.

Do take care and stay safe.

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