By chantler63

Busy Day

A very poor image of a charity I support which really is team work at its best. Apart from occasionally visiting hospitals to create images of babies born sleeping and their families, I also volunteer to organise the sessions in other areas.  A request comes in through the RMB freefone line and passed on to whoever has volunteered to be coordinator for that day/morning/afternoon.  I had volunteered for most of today.  Two calls came in early afternoon and I then needed to find members of our team in those areas who could cover those visits. We have an excellent website with all the info needed of people and places although it can still be a complicated and time consuming process. One more call to make in the morning to finalise a session. 

It is a satisfying task to do and I am heartened by the number of caring and compassionate people I speak to. There is still a lot of good in the world.

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