Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Across the Street

At the corner east from us is this older building (this is the back) ..I do love these trees with the bricks.   The crane is further up 2 blocks….but we hear that flag flapping loud and clear when it’s windy (like now) ..

Lunch with my bff….everyone needs one. (Here)

A teleconference with the cardiologist who does the clips…. he said he totally understood my quitting the research trials due to “human abuse and ineffectual staffing” in that department, and apologized.   Also said he’d do the clip anyway,,, no trial or extra tests. …if I decide.   But we’re planning on the whole (probably last)  summer at our Canadian island cabin so who knows, perhaps I’ll get an epiphany and revisit that issue in the fall.   No more til then!

Speaking of Canada, we are planning to go on thursday for a couple of weeks…. but now the ArriveCan app will not work…(It’s a new version with the updated requirements… as of yesterday, one does not have to list a place to quarantine if one tests positive on a random test at the border.)    I know I said I wouldn’t go until they stopped the test nonsense, but ……..I want to attend a Celebration of Life for our friend from the island, so…   Fingers crossed.   You will get a report.   Maybe they’ll fix the app by then???

EXTRA….sundown out the window 

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