By Barking

New Collar

Abe has a new collar. He looks pretty fancy in it!

Little Miss and MrB have been to work. I have shopped and started mowing the grass (MrB took over when he got home from work as he was concerned I might be pushing it a bit with my bad leg). I picked Little Miss up from work with Abe and we went collar shopping for him. 

I'm about to take Abe for a walk limp around the block and then I'll start on cooking our veggie lasagne for dinner. I've done a couple of loads of washing, so they need sorting too.

Then, I'll need to look at what I'm going to wear on Wednesday for my photo shoot. I'm going to have my nails done on Monday (I've still got a black nail from when I shut my fingers in the car door). I've been in the wars  so far this year!


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