a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Deja View .... again

With almost perfectly clear skies promised and every possibility of some dawn sunshine I was up before the lark this morning.  The light conditions were lovely first thing, although sadly there was no valley mist to take advantage of.  I was not the first to arrive at the top of Higger Tor to see the sun rise this morning, another photographer was there with his tripod before me, but fortunately neither of us wanted to shoot views which inconvenienced the other.

Having watched the dawn and taken a number of shots I drove back, debating about whether to go back to bed or have breakfast, as it was then just 7am. And that was when I realised that I didn't have the house keys on me. 

I definitely had the house keys when I left, but I couldn't find them despite turning out every pocket, unpacking my camera bag and double checking the car seats, and under the car seats etc.  As I checked and re-checked the dawning realisation began to grow that I would need to retrace my steps.  

Back at Higger Tor I still had the place pretty much to myself, as I carefully recreated my earlier wanderings in search of a landscape composition.  Although I couldn't find the keys, I did see a male Hen Harrier, a Curlew and some Grouse as well as a Rock Pippit - which on any other morning would have been wonderful and would have completely made my day.

Arriving back I was about to confess all to Cathy when I saw the keys sitting on the gravel of the drive.  I hadn't been able to see them previously because I had parked the car on top of them.  They had fallen out of my pocket before I even set off that morning. What a dope!

Still, the one saving grace from all of this were the photos -  which were actually worth some of that effort.

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