Lunch - predator eats predator

The Large Red Damselflies have finally emerged from our ponds - I spotted three hawking over the surrounding vegetation in search of prey. This individual had managed to bag himself a deliciously squishy spider and was not at all bothered by having a camera nearby.

After lunch Alex and I headed to Old Sulehay Forest to start recording the NVC quadrats - it hardly seems like work when you're surrounded by sweeps of glorious Ramsons, breathing in their scent  of honey and garlic, and listening to a Cuckoo. 

We completed eight, which was my target, but our most exciting discovery was made on the way between samples, when we stumbled over a previously unknown colony of Herb-paris - much excitement! We counted at least sixty stems, many of which were flowering, but I'm sure there are more as they're very hard to spot among the Dog's Mercury.

We arrived home about 5.30 p.m. and I just had time for a drink and small snack before setting off again to a meeting of the LCT Reserves Committee. Finally home just after 10 p.m. for my dinner. I though I would be too tired to eat, but a delicious and light home-made Muttar Panner with a side dish of spiced auberginwas just perfect!

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