By strawhouse


After not moving from the sofa yesterday I had a busier day today.
It got off to a weird start hearing Mr K downstairs whispering all soothingly "It's OK. It's OK.Come on. Sssssshhhhhhhhh. Come on." 
Over and over. 
Archie was sleeping quietly on the end of the bed and I couldn't imagine what would be wrong with either of the Little Misses to require such hushed reassurance!
It turns out there was a starling on the window ledge and Mr K was bird-whispering it outside!! Miraculously he got it out with no flapping and no poo. Yay!!
After all that excitement it was off to London with me. Miss K messaged in November and asked if I wanted to go and see a play in May. Today was the day! 
Miss L had a dentist appointment in Oxford this afternoon so Mr K needed the car. My mum kindly came to get me and take me back to the railway station in Bicester to meet Miss K. It was like going back in time thirty years being dropped off by my mum to meet MIss K at the station!
We got the train to Marylebone and then walked down to Leicester Square. I never get tired of walking round London. There's so much to see just on normal streets!
We had a quick lunch - sausage rolls and samosas and then headed for the Harold Pinter Theatre. The play was Prima Facie and I didn't know anything at all about it apart from Jodie Comer being in it. 
It was a one woman play and absolutely fantastic.  It should be compulsory viewing to teach people about consent and how not to conduct rape cases in court.
Jodie Comer was unbelievably good. You couldn't take your eyes off her! On stage by herself for an hour and a half! I can't imagine how anyone can learn that many lines and  deliver them at such a ferocious pace - while moving furniture around and contending with an actual rainstorm on stage. Amazing!!
From there we walked through Trafalgar Square and down to the river, then across Hungerford Bridge and to the National Theatre to use the loo. While we were there we had tea, cappuccino and a sneaky flapjack for me. There were so many good looking super-polished people around. We assumed they were famous cast members but then realised they probably wouldn't be wondering around the cafe in the late afternoon. Just normal London folk not like us country bumpkins!!!
We headed back up to Covent Garden to find somewhere for dinner. We fancied burgers but couldn't see anywhere. I Googled it and discovered Honest Burgers a few streets away. As we got near Miss K said "It's going to be vegan isn't it with a name like that."
It was. 
Vegan burgers!!!!!!!
There was a Five Guys next door so we went there instead and had a delicious dishonest burger dripping with fat and cheese and yumminess!!!
I like falafel as much as the next person but sometimes you just want a burger!
From there we walked back up to Marylebone zig-zagging all the way to look at different streets, pubs, blue plaques, incredibly expensive Fitzrovia mansions, the BT Tower. I loved it!!
This morning I read an article about why Monica Galetti was stepping away from Masterchef this year and it was partly because her restaurant - Mere - is massively understaffed due to Covid and Brexit (the gifts that keep on giving!!) As we ambled up a street with me oohing and aahing over the architecture and blue plaques, I happened to glance at the restaurant we were passing and of course it was Mere! Of all the streets we could have been on!
Menu looks fab so it's on my list for treats for my fiftieth year.  In a couple of years decades!!!
By the time we got to Marylebone my legs were starting to protest. Over eight miles walked today! We bought tea and then got on the train as soon as the platform was announced. I have spent so many hours on those trains going back to Bicester!
The train driver was incredibly chipper. Obviously very happy in his work!
Miss K kindly ran me home once we got back and I managed to mumble a few words to Mr K before groaning my way upstairs and collapsing into bed. 
What a fab day!!

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