Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

I picked these for you!

I've never actually seen a chipmunk eating a pansy but I'd just deadheaded some in a pot and left the flowers on the soil.  Before you could say "cute" this chipmunk had hopped into the pot, started digging in the dirt (notice the dirt on face) and popped up with a pansy which he/she proceeded to eat.  Too cute to pass up.

Had a nice FT chat with my parents this morning and then a quick call with Hillyblips to confirm things for this week.  Several texts with Sefferdog/Wade for more confirmations.  Online check in for the flight.  And I'm ready to go!  Of course, I need to pack, but that will be pretty easy.  It's going to be very hot in FL next week so shorts and t's are the name of the game.  

Did some training with Jax this morning and then we went out on the deck.  At which time he proceeded to ingest a rather large ant which must have pinched him.  Much head shaking, pawing mouth, and licking.  I doubt he'll learn anything from it.  He's been very chilled out since then, though - mostly content to snooze.  He was on his elevated bed on the deck while I pottered around the garden and now he's pounding out some z's on the sofa while I edit.  Hopefully Hubs and I can take him for a walk later when it cools down a bit.  Today would actually have been a great kayak day, but it just wasn't in the cards.  

Dark with mint today.  And can I just say that I hope there is never a dark chocolate shortage because I am definitely going to hoard if I even suspect such a thing might happen!


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