Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Island Life (#12)

It rained almost all day.  Miserable and cold.   I went out for fresh air mid afternoon when I thought it had stopped, but that was short lived.     Caught these guys this morning  down on the point from inside the cabin window.   In the rain.

so…this is #12 of my ‘island life” photos…was hoping to make a body of work that looked like it went together.   But I never could catch the eagles and I never even saw an otter.   So we’ll see about a collage.    I watched a couple of ps videos today and am much more interested in playing with effects than straight photos of birds, of which there are lots on our feeders and they are indeed fun to watch.,  (extra. a house finch)  There are lots of expert bird photographers on blip.  

Tomorrow ..back to Seattle for 11 days or so….I sure hope it gets warmer by the time we return.…    
I don't think we have any chance at all of seeing the blood red moon tonight. I can barely see the next island!

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