By Charente

Poppies by the side of the road......

Not a good day for me, I was awake most of the night with yet another very bad dose of cystitis.  I had some antibiotics left as there was more in the packet after I had finished the last full dose.  I duly took them and just got worse.  The chemist was near the start of the rally so I went in to see if they could help!  I was told the tablets I was on were no good as I should never have a repeat problem within 16 days.  I had to get another prescription; our Dr does not work on a Wednesday!!!  Luckily, they allowed me to use the loo while there.  Not sure how I got through the 90-minute drive to the restaurant, but I just made it.
From 26 people originally booked on the run, it went up to 30, and we ended up with 21 people !!!!  The last couple cancelled this morning even more annoying.  The drive thankfully. went very smoothly other than one breakdown, but the fact that we say watch if the car behind you disappears stop and wait, the concertina effect worked.  Thankfully one of the skilled drivers on the run got it going and we were on our way after about 10 minutes. 
Lunch was excellent the usual 4 courses plus coffee for €15.50.  The restaurant was very busy, so they were not too fussed about the drop in numbers in our group.  We were just annoyed that it happened though.
By the time we got home at 3 pm I was at the stage I was ready to go to the emergency section of the hospital.  As a final resort, I went across the road to where our Dr lives to see if I was lucky enough to catch him at home.  Luckily for me, he was just about to go out for a run (he is a great runner and athlete).  He said he would go straight back into the house and send a prescription through to the chemist.  We immediately  went  back to the pharmacy, and he has put me on much stronger tablets for 6 days.  I am not allowed out in the sun during that period. Apparently, the tablets would cause me to burn very badly.  Also, no running as they might cause a tendon problem.  The latter is not a problem for me I have never been good at running!  Meanwhile, I can only do weeding once the sun has gone down!
The day went so much better than expected with all the changes, if only I had felt better.  I wonder if they will convince us to do a new run next year!!!
Thanks for all the good wishes yesterday, they were very much appreciated. Have a good Thursday and please keep safe.

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