On the way

Before we set off these things were attended to:
Washing done, spinner erected (not easy as it's very old) washing dried in sunshine.
Bags checked, weighed, deliberated over and closed.
Passports and tickets checked. Again.
E-mails answered, messages dealt with.
Washing up done, twice. sink scrubbed with Vim.
Kitchen floor mopped.
All plants removed from sunny spots and collected for the benefit of Rose-the-watering-can.
Seeds planted in the raised beds, all raised beds watered by hand. (this level of rainlessness is so rare and it is a desert out there) Keith planted potatoes.
Wordle was done. Quordle wasn't.
Beds were made.
Window blinds drawn, slight window gap upstairs for heat removal as hot weather is expected.
Van taken off the road, for reduced tax, and parked in driveway to deter robbers and bandits.
Omelette was eaten, and other delicacies.
Van booked in for a service the day after we come back home, and to have the timing belt changed and the brakes checked.
Political stuff happened a bit too.
At three we drove south!!!
Food was taken half way, I drove the first half and was delighted to have a co-driver to take over. I was getting a bit spaced out and apparently driving hellish fast as well.... (if that was Keith I would have asked him to slow down)
Keith took over after the break, and I zoned out.
Didn't sleep, was awake enough to eat gummy bears.
Arrived and parked and had these very good beers.
21 degrees C here in the tropical south.
Now I am am showered and about to plait my hair for ease on the journey tomorrow. We have a lovely slow start tomorrow with an airport bus at 10.30, and the prospect of an uneventful flight to Gatwick. I hope!

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