By Teasel

Golden Hour

I had a few things to do  today, but my day didn’t really go to plan.  My first thing was to finish off one last piece of work, so that a colleague can pick it up next week when I am off.  I got up early and fired up my laptop  and got on with it – my fingers are crossed that it has been dealt with  by the time I get back.   Meanwhile my first load of washing was on and then hung out early.  In total I have done five loads of washing today!  It was good drying day, so I just kept going.  While I was doing various chores, I didn’t really get round to going for a run – which was on my list.
I did go out and pick up some lunch for us – Saturday is the new Friday!  After lunch I headed out to meet up with a couple of friends.  We sat in the courtyard at a local café and caught up over tea and cake,  it was really hot and I am a little pink.
When I got home, I realised that I still had to return a pair of rugby boots, which  I had picked up for BB, as they are too small.  That involved a visit to one of my least favourite shops.  I was really annoyed when all they would give me was  credit note – company policy apparently.   That means I have to go back to spend it.   As I was driving home I realised that this had happened to me before when I bought something for BB that didn’t fit from the same shop.  Grrrrr! 
TT was cooking tea when I got home – a rather nice chicken dopiaza.  After tea, BB headed out to  play football, and I went for a walk, as my step count today was woeful.  TT was watching Slow Horses when I returned.  I have spent the evening sorting out stuff, so I can pack a bag in the morning.
The sun was setting over the oil seed rape field when I went out this evening.

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