Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Daisy, daisy

It has been another busy day. I managed to walk Xena after breakfast and get back in time for my RPS webinar on Squarespace websites. I have been wanting to create a new website for ages now so when I saw that the RPS were offering a webinar about setting one up, I signed up for it. We were sent many hours of videos and to be honest I found most of them complicated and not really directed at just photographers - today was 2 hours of questions, which was a bit helpful. I have started trying to build the new website and it will take many hours - each image has to be reduced, resized and renamed to something relevant for a google search engine to find - it will take many hours of work!

I also packed up all my unwanted tripod heads to sell to MPB - the courier collected all my Lee filter system today and the new Kase filter system arrives tomorrow so that has worked well.

It has been gloriously sunny and warm after a sprinkling of rain first thing this morning - another lovely day. My garden is at its best right now, (a short-lived late spring wonder) as the alliums, peonies, ornamental poppies, lupins, roses and lavender are all in bloom - it sounds wonderful but in truth I only have small sections of each of these flowers so it is not quite RHS Wisley! So after admiring all these lovely flowers in my garden, what do I choose to blip but the humble daisy, a weed that will be mowed down tomorrow when the gardener arrives!

I am keen to start watching Conversations With Friends on TV tonight (it's on BBC3 on iPlayer) but I just remembered I have another zoom meeting tonight with the 'development group' from my camera club - which means I had better go get dinner prepared

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