A Day In The Life

By Irish59


I savored my morning coffee while watching this female hummingbird take turns between the feeder and a nearby branch. Sipping and Resting. Sipping and Resting. This went on for at least five minutes. She wasn’t even bothered by the flouncy bouncy catbird who joined her in the same tree. I was pleased to catch a couple of intense neck scratches • We had an itch today too. After visiting our favorite gardening store we filled up our back seat with annual flowers and veggie seedlings. Cosmos, Salvia, Giant Marigolds, Nasturtiums, and for veggies, Bell Peppers, Leeks, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Pumpkins, Brussel Sprouts, Tomatoes, and Pickling Cucumbers. We already have our Potatoes and Broccoli. I’d say our itch was well scratched • The weather this weekend will be perfect for planting! • Peace & Love

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