Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Curlew waters

A beautiful end to the day, almost cloudless and warm. So warm you could almost see the buds bursting on the shrubs and trees. We took Gus for an evening walk along the Kent estuary, and as so often, the twilight colours were more impressive than the sunset itself.

It's been a testing week at work and my energy levels are still at a low level. I've had two blip free days, and that has allowed me to get more rest and sleep. It was therefore a very pleasant surprise to tune in this afternoon, and find that I had been given a crown for a week. Thank you VandeGraaff for the recommendation. Thank you to everyone else for the comments, stars and hearts for the numerous Highland blips. Be warned, there may be more yet.

Whoops - loaded the wrong photo the first time, this one's quite similar though.

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