By Teasel

River Foss

We awoke to brilliant sunshine today, so I decided to make the most of it and started my day with a run.  I ran downstream along the river again, but on the opposite river bank.  It was quite different from yesterday, running alongside the flood plain which was full of wild flowers and lots of frothy cow parsley.  I ran as far as the ring road.  The path goes under it and continues, but I stopped there and retraced my steps back into York.
Once we were ready to face the day, BB and I popped out to visit Clifford’s Tower.  It has been closed for a re-vamp/refurbishment – and only opened again recently.  I only wanted to go up it for the views over York, which were really good today as It was sunny and clear.  BB was underwhelmed – having visited it a couple of years ago, but the work they have done on it is really good.  He was able to spot yesterday’s  goose from the top though!  Once BB had had enough – which didn’t take all that long - we headed back to pick up Grandma and headed out again for lunch.
She took us to a lovely café and we were able to sit outside.  BB and Grandma had all day breakfasts and I had a veggie all day breakfast, which was delicious.  BB of course benefitted from the things we couldn’t eat.   Grandma then did some shopping and we all headed home.  After a rest, BB and I went out to walk right round the walls, which really doesn’t take all that long.  We walked part way round the last time we were in York, and started where we finished that time, but kept going all the way round to where we started.  We then headed to pick up a few bits and pieces for tea before heading home.  As it was late in the afternoon we even risked walking down the Shambles, which was slightly quieter than in the middle of the day.  We also stopped and watched a choir  who were busking.
Grandma was preparing tea when we got back in with our contributions.  Later I popped out for a very short walk along the river, but it was cut very very short as it started to rain.  We also facetimed TT.
These old boats are tied up on the River Foss.  The extras are a couple of views from Clifford’s Tower.

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