By Charente

The little foal barely reaches my knee ......

it is 4 months old,  Mum the dark one, barely reaches my hip.  The other one is just another playful 1 year old filly.   They belong to my doctor’s wife.  I took over a small gift to say thank you for helping me out on his day off and bothering to phone the next day to see how I was feeling.  She has said they have another mare which is due in a couple of months.  She has promised to phone me when it is born and very, very tiny.
This morning ‘the man’ arrived to finish the job in the hall at last.  It just needs to dry out a bit then we can treat it and paper it, which will hide the joins which he has plastered over.  Painting they will still be visible. Wall paper will also match the other side which is papered.  The new front door is coming (we hope) on Wednesday. Mr C had to change an appointment to Friday as they did not seem willing to change their date!!
This afternoon we unpacked the new garden table, together we managed to move it the length of the barn it is so heavy.  It still must cross the road, shift the length of our indoor drive and lift onto the verandah!!!!  It is going to be a slow process!
Dinner tonight was chicken heated up with the rest of the gravy and I still have enough meat for a casserole for tomorrow.  Tonight, we just had the thighs plus a bit of breast with chard and onion, mushrooms and mashed potato.  Avocado starter and ice cream on a stick afterwards.
Hope you all have a good Sunday, thanks so much for all the great comments on our visiting Jay.

Take care and keep safe.

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