Sywell Country Park

We really enjoyed all the Jubilee TV programmes yesterday and started watching the thanksgiving service today. As it was a lovely day we decided to go a walk at Sywell Park, we couldn't wait until after the service so we recorded it. We always try to find something unusual and I spotted this common spotted orchid in a field of buttercups. There was only one. There were lots of damselflies and I liked this photo I took in the amphibian pool. Oscar walked quite a bit and did get put in his buggy to make sure he didn't overdo it but he wasn't happy and tried to get out. It was very warm and sunny, I actually took my cardigan off and have at last shed my vest!
I'm in London tomorrow for a special mass for my friend Fr John, he has been a priest for 60 years so I'm hoping to have a wander with my camera. It will be a long day as I'm catching the 8am train. 

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