By Shutterup

Campanula persicifolia

I love these happy little bell shaped people in my garden. 
It has been a busy day.  Delighted to have sold some new leisure batteries on gumtree which came with the van.  I had been told they would be hard to sell as nobody knows the back history. However, the chap did get a good deal and the money had been spent on the wood to make the bed in the van by the end of the day! 
I have ordered material to make Mr S a pair of pyjamas.
The van has been towed to the garage now.. hoping it will be fixed by end of play tomorrow but they didn't come and get it until it was too late to order any parts.  Poor girl is very disappointed not to be north already since that had been her plan.  However, I am not sad at all as I love having her here and tomorrow our eldest is arriving with the cat in time for breakfast!

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