A day in the life

By Shelling


I spent some time after breakfast this morning enjoying the good feelings from yesterdays premiere and then my ex girlfriend called for a chat, about our present lives and where we think we are heading. I think it is nice that we can have this kind of unloaded conversations about most things, not all relations end like that.

Then rehearsal was a must. Tomorrow morning I was asked to play for Evas fathers funeral, he died a couple of weeks ago and she wanted me to "do the music". It's only four songs but to get it right, all those little things takes more time than you'd think. Theres also the concert next Saturday to consider, of course. 45 minutes of music and poetry delivered by Eva and myself, centered around a poet called Gustaf Fröding. After that, this hectic period is over, until next time. 

I treated myself to a meal downtown in the harbour and then went on to the pier to find a blip among the frantically bathing kids. From my own youth I recognised the kick they got from showing off to each other, they were hyper-active despite the windy evening and the not too warm water. Sixty years ago one of those kids, probably the one diving, would have been me. A blue-chilled little girl came running past me while shouting in a slightly stuttering voice "towel Mom! Towel!

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