My Daily Life in Photo's.

By Mothermudd

A bird in the Hand

Is worth 2 in the bush.
I went to see my friend Anne in Hastings today which is always lovely; I wanted to see her before she went away for 2 weeks on a road trip with her husband to Scotland; hope all goes well for them, it's a long trip.
Anyway we were sitting in the Conservatory when something flew in & bang into the window & fell, we weren't sure if it fell inside or outside, so looking behind a cushion we spotted this sweet little baby bird; he was a bit wobbly laying on his back, so I picked him up as Anne wasn't sure of herself to pick him up, such a sweet little baby bird, you could see the yellow on his beak. I gently took him outside & set him down on top of the wood store; he wobbled a bit then AWAY he flew. Bless him.

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