A grand tour of Lucas Boatworks

Ann and Deborah met at my house around 2pm and Steven got there shortly afterwards 'via boat' on the Braden River. This is the best way to travel between our house & Lucas Boatworks! Steven borrowed the Helen Marie (Dave Lucas' boat) to more graciously taxi our guests back and forth to Lucas Boatworks. Ann Hall, who designed our gardens and yard transformation, had been wanting to tour LB for some time, especially after hearing Steven's many stories! She has written her own account of the day on her blipfoto journal, so for another look at the day go here : )

We were shown 15-20 boats I'd guess, of all kinds, shapes and sizes and in many states of being, or not being! Ann & I took lots of photos. We saw piles of wood that Steven has organized, mostly hardwoods my father collected and gave to Steven when dad was ill. My Dad passed away in 2011 from cancer and left many things behind, including his love, his spirit and the tools and skills he taught Steven. During the tour Steven told Deb, Ann & I how he learned to do "glass cloth" from my dad -when you cover a wooden boat you've made with fiberglass cloth and epoxy instead of painting it. He told us my dad was 'fearless' in regards to epoxy and we all agreed that perhaps because dad had done this so much by creating nine brightly finished, beautiful boats, it gave him that fearless confidence . .. which he seems to have passed on the Steven!

In my blip for today Steven is showing Ann how he starts making a handmade, lightweight cypress kayak paddle. The paddles steven makes are so beautiful, extremely lightweight (around 25 ozs) and he paints them himself. He is working on a special one for me, as well as finishing up a brightly finished kayak designed for me too! The boat in front of Steven in the photo is a "wee lassie" single man canoe my father made for Steven. It was the last boat that dad built. Steven uses it so much it need some sanding & re-epoxying in places . . .

After our tour of the main boat barn and the various tents where we met Sandy working on some wooden canoes, we went down to the famous Tiki Hut where we admired tables Steven made out of some of dad's choice woods sat and relaxed under the "misting system" since it was warm and chatted with some of the builders plus Dave & Helen Lucas. When it was time to go, Steven treated us to a ride up the Braden river complete with views of nesting Ospreys and also a nesting great blue heron, way on the top of a pine tree. The section of the river where we live is very natural and peaceful. You can see a few houses along the river or in the canals but mostly it is wildlife and water. Today we had some manatees playing right in our canal in front of our house!!!

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.
~ Henry Van Dyke

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