Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Last night as I was turning on a light to read in bed, the power went out  (9:52 pm)  ..apparently  a tree on wires on Galiano, putting most of that island out as well…. BCHydro to the rescue and at 3:25 am the lights went on!     They are so good!

And today it did look and feel like rain all day so decided to make a collage of the doors as part of my “cataloging” of this place. 

30 years ago I was into painting everything in sight… in Bloomsbury and the Omega painter heroine was Vanessa  Bell, Virginia Woolf’s sister.   My inspiration, her E. Sussex farmhouse, "Charleston".    I tried to find something short you could look  if you are unfamiliar and interested...this gives you fine well as a good short summary.
So when our cabin was finished in 1993 and I was living here mostly alone I happily painted most of the surfaces…   The idea for the doors was operas that had to do with water…but too many of those were depressing.  So just 2…operas plus....   If you are interested I’ll explain them  

Here are 3 doors, outside on top, inside on bottom.,   They are all inexpensive flat hollow doors, 2 are pocket doors that slide in the wall.   It was hard to get photos without shadows and the map I had to piece together, couldn’t get far enuf away.  
My nod to Virginia was “To the Lighthouse” facing the mud room —on the other side of the John Masefield poem which faces the bathroom and the outside shower. (seen a few days ago) 
Wagner’s “Flying Dutchman” with Senta on the dock and the Ghost Ship.faces the big room.  On the mud room side a map of our favorite sailing grounds and trips… (those bloomsbury painters liked decorative borders) .
The upstairs bedroom door is from Wagner’s Ring Cycle.   The 3 norns weaving the strand of life, and The dwarf Alberich stealing the gold from the Rhinemaidens which he made into a ring with eventually a curse.

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