Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Today's achievement - and Tino

Weather was even hotter and sunnier than yesterday.  Too hot to do much really.  I watched some TV this morning and sat outside on the patio this afternoon.

A few days ago an online purchase arrived.  This plastic garden storage box.  I unpacked the pieces this afternoon and put it together. I wasn't looking forward to doing it as I bought a similar box a few years ago which never got completed.  I just couldn't do it.  I put it to one side in the garage intending to enlist the help of my son in law Mike when he next visited. But it just got forgotten about - and " buried " under the other stuff in the garage.  So when I saw this one on Special Offer at Asda  I decided to get it.  The reviews said it was " easy to put together ".  It did prove to be easy - ish.  There was a bit of brute force needed to click the pieces together but I did it.  I will fill it with garden stuff such as watering cans shears, secateurs etc. 

I intended just taking a shot of the box - which would have been a bit boring - but Tino helped out by jumping on top of it so he features too. 

Steps today - 3,824

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