By tigg


It is our son's birthday today, and he really doesn't like birthdays. We had a business meeting this morning which he was quite happy about but it has been hard making the day 'special' for him. This evening he popped out to get some ingredients for dinner (once we eventually decided what he would like to eat), and came back with a big bunch of flowers for me. He said they were from Mr Misery Guts!  So despite everything, what a kind, thoughtful, and sensitive son I have.
We have had a game of croquet this evening; this pink ball is my Blip today as two years ago my mother gave him two more croquet balls for his birthday. He always uses this pink one because Nan gave it to him. I guess he may well have been thinking about her today.

He saw a combine working this evening; the first one we have seen this year in our locality..

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