By Marionb

Let There Be Light.... the garden again....

And so there was...E, my neighbour and new gardener spent some time today trouble-shooting my garden lighting issues and Surprise! We have lights! I was so enthralled tonight that I went out to take photos..and... another surprise! ..I was met on the deck by a baby raccoon, unaware of my presence, trotting toward me ..and there was his sibling, peeking up over the edge of the deck, about to join join the fun..when oops - they realized they were not alone and fled! So cute..but hmmm...what mischief will those two be up to in the dead of night from now on? Will they be taking up permanent residence? Probably... they now have a private garden with mood lighting for their adventures and evening dining experiences!

The other main event of the day was my post-op check-up at which I had hoped to receive reassurances and have a little light shed on my concerns...Well a little light was shed, but it wasn't an "all clear"..I need another CTScan...I hope that will happen quickly and perhaps then the "all clear" will be given...? At least there will be some answers...

PS: back-blipped again as I was too tired in the late evening to think or write..I got a photo though! Step one. 

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