By Shutterup

Cool for cats

Up with the lark.. daughter packing up and getting ready to travel north.  It was a beautiful start to what we knew was going to be blisteringly hot.  She left around 11.30 on her marathon journey and arrived safely some time this evening.  In the meantime we closed up our windows and drew the curtains on the south side of the house. I think it did make a difference over all.  Outside it was 31C in the shade by lunchtime and by the evening the thermometer hit 40C but it had the sun on it for 10 minutes before I read it at around 5pm.  No wind, just heat so I sheltered inside for most of the day.  We had a series of power cuts that went on and off every few minutes.. the alarms in the rented house next door kept going off then resetting then going off again. .. when I rang up the boy said... well I can see there have been problems with reports of explosions and sparks at Badgers End... poor Badger!!!  Apparently the fire brigade had been called out... as I type we just had another power out.. .ho hum
Little miss sleepy slept most of the day.. and now she is looking for mischief. 
Finding your Feet .. with Celia Imrie.. good film
Extras... watering this morning and never been so thankful to see the sun go down.. 
extras watering early this morning and never been so glad to see the sun go down
As I type it is still 22C outside at past midnight

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