By Flashcube

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Back at the RVI today, OB's done, name tagged, ready and waiting in my hospital gown, almost at the Theatre door when the phone rang, my procedure for the 2nd Spinal nerve block which as you know, I've waited a year for was cancelled and they sent me home.

There was an emergency that needed to take priority and I hope the poor soul who needed that help today was okay. The department normally a 10 person team was functioning on a staff of 3 to 4. 

One left for a higher band and more pay, another left to work in the private sector, another was Brexited out, 2 had covid and so on. The nurse I was with had not had a lunch break because they were doing the work of 3 and so it goes on. 

I'm angry with our Government for destroying our once fabulous NHS, I wish that Boris could have been walking on my crutches today and sitting on my plastic seat in the assessment office half naked and at least experience what it's like for us, but that reality check will never happen will it. 

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