By amandoAlentejo

Perfect Reflections

Guests from Mora days. 

So hot - over 40 most of the day, so we stayed inside till about 7pm, eating and chatting, and then went kayaking together - the sun was setting, a huge red ball, as we drove home. The Lake was like a mirror and the water like soup, we kept getting in the water to cool off a bit.

And then back to sit outside in the dark, cooler, but still not a breath of wind. Almost midnight now, think I'll go sit in the wine vat to see if I can get cool enough to sleep...

- these friends from our first year in Portugal coming to spend the day with us 
- Bia going in our kayak with us, her first ever time, always been too frightened, so it was quite a victory
- enjoying the day (which was not a given, seeing as I'd hardly slept and with the heat)

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