By Craig1978

wee little birdi

Today was a first for me since having Saffyre - the wife and daughter were up and out by 9am leaving me and the pup to entertain out selves :) Ruck sack was packed along with the camera a pack lunch for me - Ham sandwich on fresh tiger bread, crisps and a choc bar for saffyre raw mince beef and raw chicken drumsticks, we headed for the Severn path and followed the river for two hours and then followed the same path back was a wonderful way to spend the day the pup had great fun, lots of wildlife seen ( Saffyre has found a new game called bugging ) if it flies to needs to be chased she loves it........... we got back around 4pm and both crashed on the sofa :)

not sure what birdi I got but it was very busy in the field and this was as close a I could get

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