By dogwithnobrain

True blue … baby I love you

For this I spent 4 hours in the hairdressers chair. 

I love it, it's not quite as Blue as I would have liked it, but to be honest, I'm surprised I talked the hairdresser into it at all.  She was very unsure. 

I'm astonished looking at this.  I have lovely straight shiny blonde hair.  With blue.   Exactly the type of hair I wanted.   

Today was a blur.  Me trying not to be sick as I weeded in the Allotment.  

me trying not to pass out in the car going home. 

Me trying to stay awake long enough to drink my body weight in juice. 

Me giving up and going to bed at four. 

Me getting back up at six and eating and drinking more. 

Me collapsing into bed at 10.  

Hope I feel better tomorrow. 

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