Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Killingssand - which actually means Goat Kid Sands

What a smashing place to free camp Goat Kid Sands is! It's got a bit busy now though, there are no less than 3 other vans here in this wonderful seaside spot. Sand, water, a place to empty the toilet and long drop toilets as well. It's bracing weather but dry. Found by looking at the Park4Night app, and using our navigational brains with a map.

I had a disturbed night with Mr Twitchy doing his twitchy thing (sleeping soundly all the time) and keeping me awake, not helped by not having done much other than sit on my rear end most of the day. It all works better if I'm properly tired. I am now properly tired. Really proper. Ha. I think we need a third bed solution to be in place for nights like these, there is no escape as it is and I just lie there, stuck. We can organise a reasonable bed of sorts using the little sofa and front seat. This will be sorted for Norway, it's no fun not sleeping for hours on end. We woke at 9.30 - evidence were any needed.

Breakfast with Claire, made a few name cards for the 6 quiches she is making for the wedding feast, packaged up the spa present in a golden box, wrote it all very nicely. It's been good to land in Umeå, and we set off at a reasonable time. Listened to the summer speaker on the radio - a lovely programme where a person speaks and plays music of their choice for 90 minutes. Today it was Sebbe, Sebastian Stakset - a man who has had a deeply dysfunctional past full of crime and violence, hatred and self destruction, and who is now a committed Christian and living a totally different life. It was very strong stuff, and there were a lot of tears as I listened to some excellent music as well as his well formulated words. This song, featured - Blinded by Your Grace, Stormzy sings his heart out along with a cast of thousands. Listen and watch to the end for a lovely coda. I'm so glad my life looks very different, at the same time as being incredibly impressed with how his life is now. He began the programme speaking about doing humanitarian rescue work in Ukraine, in Bucha - as part of his self-imposed penance for a life of organised crime and all the hatred he spread through his music for many years.

And here we are, resting in the peace of the northern regions, by a wide bay, with the waves rolling in relentlessly, the pale golden sands stretching into the distance. Such different lives, such different challenges, such different solutions - all with love at the centre.

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