By amandoAlentejo


Chose this photo because it shows the three traditional colours of the borders that they paint on houses here - our colour is the reddish brown on the right.

This was on the way to Saturday market, just round the corner on the left, which Manoel Espadeiro has just rounded, the guy who "fixed" our Lane.

- a cooler morning and evening, almost pleasant walking into town
- Ermelinda and Cecílio coming for supper tonight, sat outside and caught up with each other
- two new beautiful square pillowcases on our bed, that I bought at Leroy Merlin yesterday (been looking for square ones for ages) - they have parrots and butterflies and passion fruit flowers, in deep blues and oranges, love them!

Here a link to a page with a beautiful and informative video about the Alentejo, if interested.

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