There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

YES!!!! Female Monarch Laying Eggs on Our Milkweed

The morning started out misty and damp, at 100 percent humidity. I don't know if you have noticed but things are changing. August's greens are getting very deep and the color palette has begun trending toward more golden tones.

I went out as quickly as I could for my walk, but I missed most of the fog. It comes and goes on little cat feet, as they say. And I looked back at one point to actually see a black cat walking down the road behind me in the fog. Yes, as I said, little cat feet!

I snapped a picture of the view looking down that hill (as opposed to walking UP that hill) at Cornfield Lane. It looks green and overgrown and you may see that shot in the extras. Compare it, if you will, to the same snowy road (not the exact shot, but close) from this March posting. The difference is enough to set your head spinning!

In early summer when the fawns are so small you almost can't see them, the does tuck them in under the shade of that tree row on the left. I remember one morning running into another walker, and she was practically apoplectic about a fawn she had seen. There's a fawn underneath that tree; what to do, what to do? Well, yes, that IS a fawn. Yes, they ARE tiny. No, there is nothing you need to do for them but leave them be!

We were at home later, around noonish, and my husband was grilling steak for our steak salads. He called me out to see an interesting bug on the driveway, and I got there in time - with camera - to see a lovely orange butterfly arrive.

It showed up, and then it flittered and fluttered all around the milkweed. I had my camera in my hands and so I started snapping away. I was lucky enough to get a shot of the female monarch laying eggs beneath the leaves of our milkweed plants. HOORAY!! THIS IS WHAT IT'S FOR!!! It's all for you, sweet lady; all for YOU!!!!

Now, I've got two pictures, and let's have two songs. I like this one for the optimism of the shot above: Evanescence, with Bring Me to Life. And here's one for the baby caterpillars I hope will soon be showing up: the Pretenders, with I'll Stand By You.

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