Blips by cb

By cbimages

Blatantly Blurred, or ICM

It's time.  I haven't executed an ICM shot for a while so one of Mrs B's plants was the subject.  This dahlia was given up for dead by our predecessor in this garden, but Mrs B dried the korms and overwintered them in a box in the attic of the garage, covered with old cushions, and they have thrived this year.  

Even in direct sunshine the colours are tremendous, but I had to use a neutral density filter on this zoom lens to give me around 3 seconds of exposure, enough time for the ICM to be effective.

I went to Poole again today, to the dentist.  It was my penultimate visit during which my jaw had multiple photos to make a complete image.  The last one will be in a couple of weeks' time, when I hope to be able to stop spending money on implants.

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