By AnneILM60

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Good thing I got the feeders cleaned and refilled this morning! The female Ruby Throated Hummingbird was looking for a good long drink.

I got a manicure this morning. I wasn’t back home long when UPS delivered and there was the new “pot” for the solar fountain. The old one had developed a tiny leak and so was losing water into the ground. I put the new one in and filled it up and put the old one in the trash.

Joey arrived to cut the grass and had two assistants today. I checked on them a couple of times. I also did my daily exercise & feeding of Troy. That was more than enough outside for me! My body was revolting by wilting fast. It was time for a cool shower.

Kent got the day’s laundry done and several other items while I got things together for our trip.

Our MS Zoom meeting was one technical issue after another so we didn’t stay on long and called it a day

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