A day in the life

By Shelling

Juglans regia

I love these still, slow and warm August mornings and feel grateful for having the time to appreciate them to their fullest while they last. 
August mornings are what I dream May and June-mornings will be like in March. Breakfast takes forever. Even though I'm up by seven, I'm not really ready to do anything productive until almost nine.
The productive thing this morning was to edit the recording I did with Eva, reading the poetry of Gustaf Fröding some time ago. The shed-roof has taken up much of my time. Tomorrow I will finish the recording, adding the small details of levels, equalising, effects and mastering. I won't go into details but behind all these words lies several hours of listening and deciding and the process is actually quite stimulating.

I seem to have spent so much money on material for the roof that I hardly have any money left. I'll have to wait a while before I take the next steps, and have a chat with my landlord on sharing expenses. My pension arrives soon so there's no risk of total ruin but I'll need to think twice before I buy anything, the prices of building materials has increased a lot in the last months. So has everything else as well. The war affects many things on a global scale and we have to use what we got as sensible as we can.

My former landlord and colleague Bengt and his wife Elisabeth invited me for a dinner this evening. We've kept in contact even though we don't share interests on a deeper level but friendship can take many shapes.
I've always (twenty years or so) wanted to live somewhere where I can sit in the shade under a tree and do nothing but just that. They have a walnut tree in their garden which resembles my dream but planting one and then wait twenty odd years before it's big enough to sit under seems like a bad plan in my age. I'll have to think of other ways to achieve my dreams.

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