By AnneILM60


Warning! As of today, it is exactly 4 months ‘til Christmas! Just thought I’d give you that heads up. ;-)

Today I was out early and got my walking done. I walked 1.8 miles in our 87% humidity and was truly miserable when I got back to the house.

I searched iTunes and got the music my brother wants downloaded ready for me to update his iPod. I spent the last of the money on his iTunes card.

The Saturday Night bracelet that I was making for my mother, I thought I had finished last night, so I took a photo of it. Looking at the photo, I noticed a mistake and don’t you know that mistake was smack in the middle of the bracelet!

So today, I cut the bracelet up and took it totally apart and have begun all over again. So far so good and I’m a little more than half way done. Yay.

Took this photo of a Skimmer dragonfly that had landed on a clothespin beside a bumblebee light.

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