Marsupium Photography

By magi


Unfortunately the 9 euro ticket is running out today. So I figured I should sort out my travel pass for work. It turns out the special work ticket ceased to exist and I need a normal one. I figured the easiest way to get one was to go to one of the big train stations. We eventually found the right place in the main railway station (pictured). There was a huge queue so we went on to Friedrichstrasse. The queue there was less massive. When I got to the front I was told I need to fill in some form. Which I did. And queued again. The next problem was that I am not registered yet so they couldn't process my purchase. They suggested to do it online which doesn't require the registration (well strange). So back home. The web site for the BVG allowed me to fill in the form but crashed when submitting it. Clearly there are long virtual queues as well. A similar form with the S Bahn worked and I could purchase my season ticket. Unfortunately that is only valid from October. So back into town to get a special ticket for the next month. This time we tried Bahnhof Zoo. The queue was immense. I think the majority of people were Ukrainian refugees. Everyone was extremely patient, having to wait a little while is comparatively little hardship. After 2 hours or so I got to the front of the queue and got my special ticket within a couple of minutes. All sorted now. So chuffed to have a season ticket that allows me to take trains, buses, S-Bahn, U-Bahn. 

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