Flower Friday: Borage (with Bee)

I hadn't planned to spend the afternoon in the garden, but it was a lovely early autumn day and we remembered that tomorrow is our fortnightly garden waste bin day - and up until today the bin was empty. So the loganberry and raspberry canes have been pruned, the pyracantha has been cut back (I have the scars!), my Editor has pulled up a lot of weeds (only about 0.005% of the weeds in the garden though!) - and the bin is full.

As we worked I saw how nicely the sun was shining on the few remaining borage flowers so I had a break from gardening to get the camera. A bee conveniently photobombed one of the shots - hence the main blip. However I also liked one of the the bee-free shots so I've added it as an extra.

Thanks as always to BikerBear for hosting FF.

Don't forget: September is just starting so it's time to think of a silly blip again for the first Saturday of the month this weekend, in memory of course of Admirer who set up and hosted the challenge for so long. So please get your silly thinking caps on again and post something fun, silly and/or just plain weird tomorrow, 3rd September. Blipper 60plus has kindly agree to host the challenge this time. The tags will be SilSSep2022 or SilS309.

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