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By walkingMarj

Look into my eyes

......and forget that you have already given me my Bonios today!

Dick and Angus came to garden but it poured, really poured. They sat in the van for ages and then Dick worked in the rain, as he does.

Angus always comes to me for 2 Bonios. If he is here a long time, I stretch to another 2 later on. I'm not sure if that is rain or drool around his mouth! (Typical labrador.)

It's been a busy day. I went to Hexham for final food shopping, so that I leave the house well stocked for my absence. Then I unpacked it all. 

I typed up lists of instructions. There will be 5 different carers and they have not all been here before, so I want to make life easier for them.

Joan came to see where things are and discuss the timetable. After that, I was wiped out and had to go to bed for a couple of hours. I'm much better now. 

I have mounted 6 prints for the Tynedale Photo Group next week. Now I just have to get them to Geoff before I go away. I'm not too happy about the results but there is no time to reprint them now.

Off to reorganise where the food is in the freezer now.

I will sleep well.

I've been listening to Mark Steel's programme about the Isles of Scilly. It's hilarious. I'm looking forward to checking out the islands for myself very soon.

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