What I've Done

By JohnGravett

Myrtle Bay, Derwentwater

Firstly, thank you all for such lovely comments and faves on yesterday's Blip - they really are appreciated.

Today - I visited the far end (to me) of Derwentwater, there was a little more wind than yesterday, so no reflections, but the clouds were moving away from me. So, in order to get the movement in the clouds, smooth the water and make the foreground rocks really pop out of the lake, I used Lee Filters Super Stopper - a 15 stop ND filter. (Check the exposure - 7 minutes).

Also shot with a reverse grad (0.6) as the sky was lighter immediately above Skiddaw than higher in the sky, so needed more darkening at the horizon.

Again - Please look as large as you can!

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