By Ridgeback13


Had a better sleep thank goodness so felt brighter today. We went to look at the furniture warehouse to get some ideas for A’s new house. Had a good wander, then picked up the week’s food shopping and home to unpack. A then did some modelling and I read a bit and relaxed then later we decided we’d walk down to the Palace so A could tell future generations she was there. Ended up waiting longer than we’d expected (and standing still is definitely what messes up my back!), and getting irritated with some young Italian tourists who wouldn’t move to let an elderly lady get nearer the front to sit on her walking frame seat. Made me smile when one of their comments was ‘E la ragazza’ …good old Duolingo loves talk of the ragazza! We were all rather discomfited by the sight of a sniper on top of the parliament who it seemed kept looking and aiming directly at us, and amazed to see the line of people on top of the crags watching from afar.
Despite the crowds we got away quickly once the cortège had gone into the Palace, and shortly after H&P arrived and after showing them round the flat we went round to the Auld House for some drinks and supper (huge piles of vegan chilli and nachos etc). Chatted about what all the different family members are doing now, holidays, retirement, memories of old times etc etc and had lots of laughs. Good to see them….

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