By Mrsmacdub

A messy day

We missed out on our Tuesday morning walk because of an appointment, but were able to have coffee and a chat with everyone after the walk had finished. Hubby picked me up from my Pilates class later in the day and we started delivering leaflets around the Meadowbank area.  Around 4:30pm it started to rain quite heavily, so we decided to give our Tuesday night walk a miss and go home instead.  Of course, an hour later the rain stopped but by then it was too late.

Whilst it was sunny this morning, I took a photo of some plants in the garden. They are Epidendrum Radicans, known as the Fire-star Orchid.  It was the seed pods that intrigued me.  There are little tails poking out the bottom and hubby has successfully planted them in other areas of the garden.

There are 1,941 new community cases today, and the seven-day rolling average is 1,468 compared to 1,719 last Tuesday. The number of people in hospital is 241, including 3 in ICU. The seven-day rolling average increase in total deaths attributable to Covid-19 is 4 and 1,962 deaths have been confirmed as either directly attributed to Covid, or with Covid as a contributing factor.

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